Great UK Cycle Tours

Posted On: 2nd February 2017

We will be adding articles relating to UK Cycle Tours on a regular basis.

We’re starting off with the Coast 2 Coast, also known as the Sea to Sea Cycle Route.

Therefore if you have volunteered to take on organising a UK cycle trip with your friends or a work outing then why not leave the travel arrangements to us. We’ll drop you off at the start point of your tour and then pick you up at the end.

Why Choose Eleet Travel

If you want everyone in the group to start the cycle tour refreshed then our minibus hire is the perfect choice. It eliminates the worry of arriving safely and on time, and we will pick you up for a safe return journey home.

We can accommodate a group of 16 people with their bikes and luggage
Our vehicles are all fitted with seat belts and we are able to cater to all your guests needs. For large parties we offer a discounted service, so you can be sure that you will be receiving a quality service at an affordable price.

Our drivers are fully qualified, and well presented at all times. They are fully briefed about where they need to be and at what time, so you can be sure everything runs according to schedule.

What Next

So if you want a memorable UK cycle tour then make sure you call us at Eleet Travel today on 0116 235 3717. Alternatively you can get in touch via our online form. Our friendly and helpful staff will be more than happy to go through dates and other specific details with you.

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Therefore please carry out your own research so as not to be disappointed.

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C2C Route-2

C2C Route-3

C2C Route-4

C2C Route-5